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light refracting panel
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About Jali

Inspired by traditional Indian stone screens, Jali® Panels reflect and refract light, creating a complex interplay of light, shadow, movement and color. This award winning material is highly specifiable and available in seven different patterns named for the internal geometry of the texture - these patterns are Mille (with "thousands of internal reflectors) , Triangolo (with a "Triangular" internal texture), Quadrato (with a pattern of "squares" within) , Cascata (with a "cascading" water like texture), Cambia (a "varying" pattern), Flight (with "wing-like" reflectors) and Mezzaluna (with "half-moon" shapes within). Each of these seven patterns can be selected in any of five pattern densities which determine how dense or sparse the internal texture is. Jali panels can be specified in over 500 color combinations.

Composition PMMA (Acrylic Resin)
Core Composition PMMA (Acrylic Resin), Patterns: Quadrato, Mezzaluna, Flight, Cambia, Cascata, Mille, and Triangolo
Cladding Composition PMMA (Acrylic Resin) or Glass
Cladding Colors Acrylic: Over 500 color combinations available (transparent and opaque), including 2 dichroic colors (Zari Dawn & Zari Dusk)
Glass Bronze, Grey, Low-iron, Satin, Green
Cladding Thickness 1/8" standard in acrylic and 1/4" standard in glass
Cladding Surface Finish Clear, Clear Frosted, Matte, Clear None-Glare, Glass
Grain Direction Parallel to long or short edge - can be specified
Total Panel Thickness 1/2", 3/4" (standard), 1", and 1-1/4"
Standard Panel Sizes 4' x 8'. Minimums and longer lead-times apply for oversized panels.
Options & Services Special non-standard thickness, Curved panels, Edge polishing, Edge profiling, CNC 2-D shape cutting, Laser Surface Etching (Logos and graphics)
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