Lightfair International 2016 – San Diego

San Diego

At Lightfair 2016 we launched several new light Fixtures including Wall Sconce in a pyramid shape, new Pendants that are edge-illuminated and created via folding our Spark and Slant materials. Also introduced were the Cloud FIN installation using a row of wave shaped FIN Spark light fixtures illuminated with soft white light that gradually transitions from cool to warm colors. Other new entries were a dynamically lit Terrazzo Lumina floor as well as our Topolight which features a topographical map embedded within our clear Spark material – the elevation lines come alive once the edge-lit is turned on.

Materials and Solutions:

Topolight, Disc, Pendants, Wall Sconce, PIXA signage, Lumina Rings, Terrazzo Lumina dynamically lit flooring Spark Discs, StoneFIN