2020 PIA Award- Screens & Dividers

Architecture Products Magazine awarded Sensitile the Product Innovation Award for their variety of privacy screens in resin, glass, and terrazzo materials. See more screening solutions here.

2019 Interior Design Best of Year Awards

Honoree Award for Sensitile’s innovative Terrazzo Lumina illuminated stair riser and tread system at Pandora’s office. Learn more about this project here.

2018 Product Innovations Award- PIXA Screen

PIXA Screen wins the Merit Award in the Product Innovations program.

2018 HiP Award Honoree: Ripple Motif

Sensitile’s latest interactive material Ripple Motif was recognized as an Honoree in the HiP Awards.

2017 PIA Best Product for Hospitality-Scintilla

Sensitile’s interactive material Scintilla won the PIA award for Hospitality material.

2017 HiP Award winner PIXA Dimensional

PIXA Dimensional won the HiP award at Neocon.

2017 Sensitile Flex Material wins #Metropolislikes award

The adjustable, fabric-like resin Flex material can be specified using a variety of Sensitile patterns in order to accommodate curved surfaces and/or to create any free form shape.

2016 Architectural Record Products Celeste

Sensitile’s slender, back-lit Celeste panels were awarded Architectural Record Products Winner.

2016 Good Design Award - Celeste Glass

Sensitile’s back-lit Celeste product was recognized with a Good Design Award as a glass product.

2016 PIA Award- Celeste

Sensitile won the Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products Magazine for their innovative, back-lit Celeste material.

2016 Certificate of Compliance

As a Certified Wood Packaging Materials Facility, Sensitile has met all compliance regulations for IPPC International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures.

2015 Lightfair International Best Booth Award

Sensitile earned a Best Booth Award (600 to 800 square feet) at Lightfair International in New York City.

2015 PIA Best Product for Hospitality Award

Sensitile’s FIN Light Fixture snared Best Product for Hospitality honors from Architectural Products magazine for their Product Innovation Awards issue.

2015 Neocon Silver Award for Decorative Lighting

Sensitile won the Silver Award for Decorative Lighting at Neocon.

2014 HD Expo Award of Excellence

Sensitile was granted the Award of Excellence in the category for Accessories or Specialties – Hardware or Decorative Metals or Plastics during the HD Product Design Competition

2013 IIDEX Booth Design Award and Finishes/Materials Award

Sensitile Systems won a Gold award in Booth Design and a Silver award in the Finishes/Materials category in recognition of product innovation for their infinity panels at the IIDEX trade show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2012 LFI Best of Category Award - FIN

In the category of “Indoor Decorative”, Sensitile’s FIN Light Fixture won Best of Category at the Lightfair International Innovation Awards.

2012 LFI Design Excellence Award

Sensitile’s FIN light fixture garnered another Lightfair International honor.

2011 LFI Best Booth Award

Lightfair International organizers gave Sensitile their Best Booth Award in the Design Pavilion category.

2010 Fastrack Award

Sensitile was honored with a certificate from the State of Michigan recognizing it as one of 50 companies to watch.

2009 HD Expo IIDA Best of Competition Award-Jali

Sensitile was given the Award of Excellence-Best of Competition for their unique and innovative product Jali in the IIDA/Hospitality Design Magazine Product Design Competition.

2009 HD Expo IIDA-Best of Category Award

Sensitile earned an Award of Excellence in the category of Accessories or Specialties – Artwork/Signage/Accent Pieces from IIDA/Hospitality Magazine in the Product Design Competition.

2009 Environmental Excellence Award

In recognition of their sustainable business practices — specifically, Sensitile’s efforts at waste diversion and plastics recycling — Laird Plastics honored Sensitile with its Environmental Excellence Award.

2008 HD Expo Best Booth Award

Sensitile achieved the Best Booth Award during the HD Expo & Conference.

2007 Material Connexion Certificate of Material Excellence

Sensitile was awarded a Certificate of Material Excellence in Polymers from Material Connexion.

2005 iF Design Award

The iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious. Sensitile achieved this lofty recognition when the International Forum Design GmbH organizers recognized the company for its inventive use of material.

2005 ICFF Editors Award

2004 Materialica Design Award

Even in 2004—the year Abhi Lath founded the company—Sensitile began to earn the attention of the design community, including the international trade fair Materialica, which bestowed on it the Design Award in the Best of Material category.

2004 Boulevard der Stars Competition

Sensitile was mentioned in Architectural Lighting magazine for being selected by Zaha Hadid Architects for their winning entry Sensitile Terrazzo in the Boulevard der Stars competition.