Exclusively made in the USA, our award-winning, custom architectural products enable designers to create, play, and build with light, transforming environments into unforgettable experiences.


Our interactive, light filtering, reflective, and light emitting materials suit a wide range of project applications and aesthetics.

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Sensitile Face Shields

Joining the race to get PPE to the hospitals! We’re laser-cutting 1,500 face shields per day that will be attached to 3D printed headbands for frontline healthcare workers. Watch how we do it!

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Jali Phantom™ is uniquely able to morph from crystal-like clarity to one where color suddenly and unexpectedly appears in its internal mirror-like facets. The subtle shifting and shimmering quality of color invokes joyful imagery like that of the flitting of butterfly wings, flying flock of birds, flickering of a flame or, clouds floating past. This dynamic and magical experience creates moments of joy, intrigue and connectedness, all of which have been shown to make us healthier and happier.

Light Fixtures

Experience fresh expression of light through our distinctive Light Fixtures. Customizable or conveniently pre-configured.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable materials

We are deeply committed to doing right by our customers and the environment. Sensitile has received third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and is in the process of publishing Health Product Declarations (HPD) for all of our product lines.

New Pattern:
SLANT Context

Unexpected camouflage of words and forms and their sudden unveiling in these transparent elements that magically integrate with architecture add unprecedented visual flair and intrigue to any space.

PIXA Screen

Our versatile concrete PIXA screen offers a fresh take on dividing spaces.