Sample Kits

Let our carefully curated sample sets launch your journey of Building with Light.

Architectural Sample Kit

Find inspiration with this comprehensive introductory sample kit. A set of approximately 15 unique pieces that includes all product lines - resin, glass, and terrazzo – with a variety of colors, finishes, and treatments. Specifiable options are many but this kit is the perfect starting point for your exploration. Resin Video Terrazzo Video

USD $125.00

Resin-Glass Sample Kit

Our versatile resin & glass materials befit a wide range of applications in an equally diverse spectrum of environments, both interior and exterior. An invaluable addition to the designer's toolkit, colors, level of privacy, surface finishes and pattern aesthetic are few of the specifiable options. We also provide materials as complete solutions, with hardware and lighting, as a kit of parts. We look forward to hearing about your design. Resin Video Glass Video

USD $75.00

Terrazzo Sample Kit

Our Terrazzo Sample Kit includes interactive, light-emitting, and light-filtering fine concrete products, available in tile and slab formats and suitable for screens, flooring, counter tops, feature walls and more.  Video
USD $75.00

PIXA Screen Kit

Opacity and transparency come together in this unique material that won the Product Innovation Award. This style of PIXA is perfect for screens and dividers. Versatile patterns, a wide palette of colors, and easy installation using a range of widely available hardware give it universal applicability.  Video

Get your inspiration before our special introductory batch of samples is gone!

USD $85.00

Glass Sample Kit

Durable, elegant, and modern, our glass materials are a premium solution for any project. This kit contains approximately 7 pieces in varying colors and patterns, demonstrating light-filtering, light-emitting, and interactive options. From Celeste to Scintilla, this kit is sure to inspire.  Glass Video
USD $125.00