Imprints of natural phenomena etched into a crystalline substrate, SLANT® panels unleash a dynamic play of light. This material was designed to create large scale, continuous organic compositions where the pattern “flows” seamlessly between individual panels.


NEW!! Image-In

Custom images or wordmarks can be designed within the interlayers of resin with a 3D effect. Image-In can also be backlit for extra drama.
Illuminated Wall

Illuminated Wall

In this design by Gensler SLANT® panels were specified to wrap around a five-storey staircase. A custom scale of the Turbulence pattern was used, and the panels were edge illuminated and captured in a standard curtain wall system. The pattern was created to allow a dynamic composition of continuous and organic undulation that “flows” between the each of the 40 panels that make the wall, as one large canvas.

The internal geometry that creates the pattern also doubles as a light reflector, capturing and harvesting the edge illumination introduced into the long edges of each panel. We supplied the panels along with the illumination system for this project.

Screen & Divider

Screen & Divider

In a stunning design by Stantec, Toronto, SLANT® glass panels were specified as space divides at the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, Canada.

The internal pattern, smooth external surfaces, high impact resistance and fire rating gives these glass panels universal appeal and applicability.

Light filtering properties of this material extends ambient and daylight in the space while also adding the appeal of a nature inspired, dynamic pattern.


Resin cladding enables the material to be ultra-thin and lightweight. With hundreds of pattern, color and customization options, SLANT’s versatility makes it a fit for a variety of designs.


SLANT patterns with glass cladding offers a modern light-filtering material with a strength that belies its slender profile.


SLANT’s dynamic patterns emulate the effortless energy of natural systems embodying Biophilic design.


Patterns do not form surface textures but are contained between easy-to-maintain smooth surfaces. From delicate to bold aesthetics, they can be scaled up or down to synchronize with the installed space.

Environmentally friendly and Sustainable

As well as creating innovative, dynamic spaces, light-manipulating materials will not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during their production or their lifecycle, making them safe for use in an interior environment. They are PVC- and formaldehyde-free and contain no chemicals of concern.

Third party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and recycled content certifications are available for our materials.

Options & Custom Services

Options & Custom Services

Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting

Back Lighting

Back Lighting



Imprint brings carefully crafted dimensionality to create tactile reliefs of organic and regular textures that are finely sculpted into the material. Topographical maps, natural patterns, representations of geological formations and terrains are some of the many customization options.



Used as architectural or decorative glass, or for signage and branding, the unexpected camouflage of words and forms and their sudden unveiling with shifts in light and viewing angle add visual flair and intrigue to any space. Letters and forms disappear and appear within this transparent resin or glass material that integrates seamlessly with architecture.

Art Interlayer

Visual abstraction of art when integrated in material gives it a new meaning.


Mosaics can be created with inlays in the material to express a brand color palette or simply for fun.

2-D Shapes

Use of shaped and cut elements enable creation of distinctive elements.

3-D Shapes

Fabrication into 3-D shapes yields seamless transitions.

Hardware Solutions

Concealed installation or visible decorative hardware can be packaged with the panels.

Pattern prominence is proportionate to the thickness of the core of the material. A range of aesthetic, from Fine (delicate) to Grand (conspicuous) can be achieved in any scale for a given thickness of material.
Core Thickness
Material Thickness
1/8" (Fine)

3/8” 5/8”

1/4" (Classic)

1/2” 3/4”

3/8" (Bold)

5/8” 7/8”

1/2" (Grand)

3/4” 1”

3/4" (Double-core), Mesh and Links

1” 1-1/4”

1" (Double-core), Mesh and Links

1-1/4” 1-1/2”

  • Material Type

    Light Filtering

  • Applications

    Screening, feature walls, signage, horizontal and vertical surfacing

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and outdoor

  • Illumination

    Ambient, Graze, Edge lit, Back lit

  • Material Composition

    Resin or Glass

  • Maximum Panel Size

    Clear panel standard sizes are: 4'x8', 5'x8', 4'x10', 5'x10'. Colors, both Transparent and Mirrors are available in 4'x8' or smaller

    Glass panels are manufactured to finish sizes up to 5'x10'

  • Total Panel Thickness

    3/8″ to 3/4″; 1/2″ Standard; Mesh and Links are available in 3/4" and 1"

    5/8″ to 1″; 3/4" Standard; Mesh and Links are available in 1" and 1-1/4"

  • Weight

    2.5 (3/8" thick) – 8 (1-1/4" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

    8 (3/4" thick) to 11.5 (1-1/4" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

  • Surface Finishes

    Transparent (none), Frosted, Matte (renewable), Opal, Mist, Mirror, Anti-glare

  • Cladding Properties

    Transparent, Mirror & Opaque

  • Color

    Over 500 color combinations in transparent and mirror options

  • Patterns

    Available in Resin and Glass

    only -Dew, Field, Foam, Freeze, Imprint, Links, Pins & Needles, Solar, Static, Flow

    and Chaos, Sleet, Wave, Mesh, Turbulence, Shutter, Concentric, Context, Curtain.

  • Scale

    Eighth, Quarter (Standard), Half, Full

  • Interlayers

    Iridescent films, custom film colors, transparent art films, fabric, and wood veneer