University of Michigan- Fast Forward

            Ann Arbor, MI

            Sensitile SLANT Chaos panels were used to create a dividing wall in an office space at the University of Michigan Fast Forward Medical Innovation research building. These thin, resin panels have been curved in order to achieve a wavy divider when installed side by side. The "Chaos" pattern within the panels presents a constantly changing and flowing design. One side of the panels exhibits a clear and glossy surface finish which reflects the surrounding space, while the the other side offers a matte finish that mutes the chaotic pattern and manipulates the reflective nature of the design. These panels have been installed using a suspension system which was supplied by Sensitile Systems. This includes a cable coupler on both the ceiling and floor with aircraft cable running vertically between each individual panel. The panels are affixed to the aircraft cable using double clamp grippers which hold them in place.


            • Application

              Screen & Divider, Wall

            • Industry

              Commercial, Education, Civic and Culture

            • Environment


            • Illumination

              Ambient, Face Wash (Graze)

            • Material


            • Overall Color

              Blue (Clear-Clear-Blue 2500-Matte)

            • Size

              8 pcs 23-7/8" x 96"

            • Material Property

              Light Filtering

            • Family


            • Thickness


            • Double Sided


            • Core Thickness


            • Pattern

              Chaos Quarter-scale

            • Finish


            • Installation Solution

              Freestanding, Suspension

            • Detailing