SLANT Image-In

In a world that is increasingly full of visual “noise,” Image-In’s subtle yet dynamic nature communicates, intrigues, challenges and engages. The name both describes its physical form (glass or resin panels embedded with an image) as well as the creative potential in the word “Imagine.” Timeless and responsive to changes in the environment, Image-In does not lose it appeal over time.

Resin or Glass

Resin is lighter weight, flexible, available in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes and able to be fabricated into 2-D and 3-D shapes and forms. Glass has a higher surface hardness, better fire rating and is heavier.


The play of light with internal planes within the material adds complexity and interest to even the simplest of colors. Interlayers further enhance this light-color interplay adding internal textures or iridescence.


Repeating Patterns

Options & Custom Services

Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting



Custom Imagery

Custom Imagery



  • Material Type

    Light Filtering

  • Applications

    Screening, feature walls, signage, horizontal and vertical surfacing

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and outdoor

  • Illumination

    Ambient, Graze, Edge lit, Back lit

  • Material Composition

    Resin or Glass

  • Maximum Panel Size

    Clear panel standard sizes are: 4'x8', 5'x8', 4'x10', 5'x10'. Colors, both Transparent and Mirrors are available in 4'x8' or smaller

    Glass panels are manufactured to finish sizes up to 5'x10'

  • Total Panel Thickness

    5/16″ to 1″; 1/2″ Standard;

    5/8″ to 1″; 3/4" Standard;

  • Weight

    2 (5/16" thick) – 6.5 (1" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

    6.5 (5/8" thick) to 10 (1" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

  • Surface Finishes

    Transparent (none), Frosted, Matte (renewable), Opal, Mist, Mirror, Anti-glare

  • Cladding Properties

    Transparent, Mirror & Opaque

  • Color

    Over 500 color combinations in transparent and mirror options

  • Patterns

    Available in Resin and Glass

    Fully Customizable

  • Interlayers

    Iridescent films, custom film colors, transparent art films, fabric, and wood veneer