SLANT Image-In

“Image-In” describes both the physical form (glass or resin panels embedded with an image) as well as the creative potential in the word “Imagine.”
Its subtle yet dynamic nature communicates, intrigues, challenges and engages.

Resin or Glass

Resin is lighter weight, flexible, and available in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes. It can be fabricated into 2-D and 3-D shapes and forms.

Glass has a higher surface hardness, better fire rating and is heavier.


The play of light with internal planes within the material adds complexity and interest to even the simplest of colors. Interlayers further enhance this light/color interplay adding internal textures or iridescence.


Customizable patterns and their variations of scale and density impart a range of aesthetics to the material which in turn effortlessly achieves the design goals for the space it is installed in. Standard patterns include geometric or organic shapes and repeating patterns.


Geometry has the power to communicate and be intuitively understood. It can be used to design brand identity elements, logos, murals, art, visual illusions and signage. The Image-In technology enhances the planes of the geometry and their relation to the whole, thereby adding dimension and depth to design while the material remains transparent.


From identifiable organic and biophilic forms like a leaf, a rose, a seashell, a pineapple, and a Celtic tree, to abstract natural forms and shapes such as clouds and waves, the possibilities are endless.


Continuous fabric-like patterns, accentuated with the play of light, yield visually palpable textures encased within smooth surfaces.


The emotive aspects of this material build upon its potential as a subtle method of communication that intrigues and draws the viewer in, rather than a one-way communication tool common to traditional signage that is printed or etched on a one-dimensional surface. 

Options & Custom Services

Image-In's versatility and customizability makes it a uniquely adaptable material. It is infinitely customizable, giving options to the designer and introducing specification flexibility. Image-In can be incorporated in complete design solutions and provided ready to install in a kit of parts.
Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting

Image-in was designed to be activated by the ambient conditions in the installed environment.

Edge and back-lighting may be added for drama and light-color play.

Pattern Scalability

Pattern Scalability

Patterns can be scaled up or down to match the size of panel.

Custom Patterns

Custom Patterns

The Image-In technology uses the benefits of computational design to allow the user to be the visual artist. No dyes, molds or expensive set-ups are required, further creating efficiencies.



Interlayers, particularly those that are iridescent, impart visual complexity and dynamism.

  • Material Type

    Light Filtering

  • Applications

    Screening, feature walls, signage, horizontal and vertical surfacing

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and outdoor

  • Illumination

    Ambient, Graze, Edge lit, Back lit

  • Material Composition

    Resin or Glass

  • Maximum Panel Size

    Clear panel standard sizes are: 4'x8', 5'x8', 4'x10', 5'x10'. Colors, both Transparent and Mirrors are available in 4'x8' or smaller

    Glass panels are manufactured to finish sizes up to 5'x10'

  • Total Panel Thickness

    5/16″ to 1″; 1/2″ Standard;

    5/8″ to 1″; 3/4" Standard;

  • Weight

    2 (5/16" thick) – 6.5 (1" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

    6.5 (5/8" thick) to 10 (1" thick) Pounds/Sq. foot

  • Surface Finishes

    Transparent (none), Frosted, Matte (renewable), Opal, Mist, Mirror, Anti-glare

  • Cladding Properties

    Transparent, Mirror & Opaque

  • Color

    Over 500 color combinations in transparent and mirror options

  • Patterns

    Available in Resin and Glass

    Fully Customizable

  • Interlayers

    Iridescent films, custom film colors, transparent art films, fabric, and wood veneer