This Gensler-designed office space features a five-storey staircase that wraps around SLANT panels with nature-inspired natural textures. In this instance, the panels are edge illuminated and captured in a standard curtain wall system. We developed a custom scale of the Turbulence pattern for this project to reflect the scale of the installation and create a complex undulation that is stunning, not only when viewed one floor at a time, but also when viewed together as a larger composition.

The pattern within each panel is unique, but the entire wall of 40 panels was designed to work together, manufactured and labeled for its correct spot for assembly on-site. The internal geometry that creates the pattern also doubles as a light reflector, capturing and harvesting the edge illumination introduced into the long edges of each panel. We supplied the panels along with the illumination system for this project.




Custom large scale pattern

Color & Finish:

Yellow 2700-Clear-Yellow 2700


5′ x 10′




White 6500 LED lightbars
Lit on both long edges


Custom large scale pattern
Matching LED lighitng kit
Pattern in each unique panel part of whole