Light-conducting channels in PIXA create a unique, light-filtering screen. Now available as dimensional slabs and panels which are punctuated with light pillars that pierce terrazzo, wood and resin substrates. A secondary, “floating” surface comes to life with dynamic visual output created by light, shadow, movement, and colors.

Using light to divide space

The PIXA screen combines opposites – opaque stone and transparent integral optical elements – at once dividing spaces while connecting those who inhabit them.

Scuff, scratch, and impact resistant, this durable material is Class A fire rated and has superior acoustic and thermal performance.

Sleek in design and engineered to have lightweight options, PIXA is able to be installed using a variety of commonly available hardware options.

Complete Design Solutions

PIXA is also offered as a complete packaged solution, with material, hardware and lighting provided as a kit-of-parts for a multitude of applications.

PIXA needs no sensors or electronics; but add backlighting and it transforms into an illuminated screen to deliver both simple lighting and signage and complex light shows via programmable LEDs.



Various terminal shapes and sizes in Grid, Staggered Grid and Random orientations are standard pattern offerings. Complexity may be dialed up with closer and tighter placement of terminals for close-up and small-scale applications, while the edgy and distinct look of larger, more widely spaced light-emitting windows complement large-scale installations.


Custom color matching service is available should our generous standard palette lack the perfect match to the other finishes or brand standards.  Colors can be solid or speckled, with subtle visible aggregates, for more complex tones.

Surface Finishes

Surface finishes, from sandblasted to honed to polished, add the final touch to the material aesthetic.

Regrind to new materials

PIXA is carefully handcrafted and precision manufactured in small batches in Michigan, USA, using high-quality materials responsibly sourced from an established US-based supply chain. PIXA’s optical channels are almost entirely made of regrind that is a byproduct of the manufacture of our other materials.

PIXA carries EPD and recycled content certifications.  No VOCs are emitted during the production or during its installed life-cycle.


    Slab Thickness

    Light terminal sizes are independent of Material depth.

    Light Terminal Size


    Minimum (Substrate) thickness

    Various PIXA Dimensional


    Various PIXA


    Click any of the swatches below to see a larger view that compares aggregate and non-aggregate versions of the color.

    Specification & Resources

    Material Type

    Light Filtering

    Material Composition

    Micro-Concrete and Resin, Wood and Resin, Resin


    Screening, feature walls, signage, horizontal and vertical surfacing


    Over 50 colors standard, both with and without aggregate. Custom color matching available.


    Polished, sandblasted, honed, and factory finish


    Random, Grid, Binary, Sequence, Large Prism

    Terminal Shapes & Sizes (inches)

    Square: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8
    Rectangular: 1/8×1/4, 3/16×3/8, 1/4×1/2

    Material Thickness (inches)

    1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4

    Standard Size



    Backlit (optional)

    Light Emission

    Face only (if backlit)

    Lighting Color

    Video Screen, Projector, RGB and RGBW color changing, 2700K White, 3000K White, 4000K White, 6500K White