Spark is a sleek, light-emitting panel material with a subtle presence and a dramatic effect upon being lit. Thin, lightweight and customizable, Spark extends light from an LED source on its edge to emit from its entire surface.

Screens & Walls

Screens & Walls

Spark creates luminous surfaces without cumbersome light boxes. Light transforms transparent Spark into screens. Color can be effortlessly refreshed since light itself is the coloring agent.



Spark has been used for displays, both retail and residential. Effects vary from subtle to dramatic based upon the material attributes and/or lighting selected.


Colors can be achieved with layering options, interlayers and light itself.

The front and back cladding properties, colors and surface finishes define the light emitting surfaces of the material and the unique aesthetics of light emission, including color and characteristics of emitted light.

Core Thickness

Core thickness plays a role in pattern prominence, ranging from subtle, with thinner cores, to dramatic and imposing as the core thickness increases.


Light emitting points can be square or elongated and arranged in Random, Grid, Radial and Perspective patterns. The prominence of these points correlates directly with core thickness. Flexibility and scalability of digital design makes customization easily possible.

Light Emission

Light Emission

Spark is paired with energy-efficient edge lighting which it harvests, transmits and emits from one or both surfaces. In dual surface emission, light-emitting points may not all appear illuminated when viewed from one surface. There are two sets of points, one designed to emit from one surface and the other from the opposing surface.

Double Core

Double cores increase thickness of the material and the number of light emitting points. The light emitting points in each core can be paired to be symmetrical (book-match) or asymmetric. Book-matched pairing increases the consistency and uniformity of light-emission while asymmetric pairing of pattern facets leads to interesting randomness

Patterns that Respond to Panel size and Shape



A few patterns do not fit neatly in any category. Radial arrangement of light points can be Regular or Random. Square light points are offered in a Random pattern whereas progressively enlarging elongated light points can be arranged in a regular Radial pattern



A full Perspective pattern module is designed to fit in a 4'x8' format. The pattern can be customized to fit in smaller overall sizes. Elongated light points of varying lengths form a stunning display of light.

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral

Ribbed Surface Texture

Ribbed Surface Texture

A Ribbed surface texture adds another layer of play and intrigue to this material. Orientation of the ribs has a dramatic effect on light emission.

Programmable Lighting

Programmable Lighting

Light can be used to color the material and programmable lighting allows creation of light shows and effects using the material as a dynamic canvas.

Light Fixtures

Spark makes a versatile diffuser for unique light fixture designs
Ceiling Light Fixture

Ceiling Light Fixture

Square light emitting points radiating randomly from a central confluence fill the specified size and shape of the fixture.

Wall Light Fixture

Wall Light Fixture

A mirror-back cladding layer as a back-drop to randomly arranged, square light-emitting points changes the perception of space.

Environmentally friendly and Sustainable

As well as creating innovative, dynamic spaces, light-manipulating materials will not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during their production or their lifecycle, making them safe for use in an interior environment. They are PVC- and formaldehyde-free and contain no chemicals of concern.

Third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD's), Health Product Declaration (HPD)s as well as recycled content certification is available for our materials.

Options & Custom Services

Options & Custom Services

Art Interlayer

Printed art in the background of floating points of light makes for a uniquely customizable material.

Custom Pattern

Digital design allows for boundless customization, ideal for both abstract and formal patterns, such as logos and brand elements.


Panels can be curved during the manufacturing process.

2-D Shapes

Geometric or organic forms can be made into space defining features, signs and fixtures.


Etching from design files makes the material a perfect solution for signage, wayfinding, and brand designs.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting systems are carefully designed and tuned with the material to achieve the desired effect while at the same time allowing for easy maintenance.

Hardware Solutions

The complete solution includes hardware, both for installation and aesthetic.

Light point size is proportionate to material thickness

This relationship allows for optimal effect with the largest possible size of light points for a given material thickness
Material thickness
Light Point Size" (Shape)

1/8” (Square) or 1/4”(Elongated)


1/4” (Square) or 1/2”(Elongated)


3/8” (Square) or 3/4”(Elongated)


1/2” (Square) or 1”(Elongated)

The Core Can be Doubled

Doubling the cores doubles up the number of light-emitting points. This configuration allows for an imposing double-sided effect that is a good solution for large space defining design elements. Cores can be matched symmetrically (book-match) or asymmetrically.
Material thickness (Tolerance +/- 1/16")
Light Point Size" (Shape)

1/8” (Square) or 1/4”(Elongated)


1/4” (Square) or 1/2”(Elongated)


3/8” (Square) or 3/4”(Elongated)


1/2” (Square) or 1”(Elongated)

  • Material Type

    Light Emitting

  • Applications

    Illuminated feature walls and privacy screens, signage and branding, counterfaces and countertops, light fixtures, lit ceiling elements and artwork, indoor and outdoor use for non mirrored configurations.

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and outdoor

  • Material Composition


  • Maximum Panel Size

    Clear panel standard sizes are: 4'x8', 5'x8', 4'x10', 5'x10'. Colors, both Transparent and Mirrors are available in 4'x8' or smaller

  • Total Panel Thickness

    Single core: 3/8″ to 3/4″; 1/2″ Standard

    Double cores: 1/2" to 1-1/4"

  • Weight

    2.5 (3/8" thick) to 9 (1-3/8") Pounds/Sq. foot

  • Patterns

    Square or Elongated light emitting points can be arranged in Random, Regular Grid, Staggered Grid, Radial, Perspective or Gradient Patterns. Customization is available and some patterns (Radial, Perspective and Gradient) can be defined according to size of panel required.

  • Illumination

    Edge lit - one or more edges. Dependent on the size and configuration of the panel.

  • Lighting Emission

    Face or both Face-and-Back;

    Light is emitted symmetrically from both surfaces when stacked cores are book-matched and asymmetrically when staggered

  • Color

    Over 500 color combinations in transparent and mirror options.

    Light travel is most efficient with clear and lighter transparent face colors in combination with a clear mirror back.

    The following selections will effect uniformity of light travel in the panel:

    1. Darker face colors
    2. Surface finishes like frosted/matte/opal/mist;
    3. Opaque back cladding like White Opaque.
  • Surface Finishes

    Transparent (none), Frosted, Matte (renewable), Opal, Mist, Mirror, Anti-glare

  • Surface Texture


  • Interlayers

    Iridescent films, custom film colors, transparent art films, fabric, and wood veneer; Middle Interlayer is an option for double cores.

  • Lighting Colors and Control Options

    White in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 6500k.

    RGBW, Tunable While and Addressable lighting.

    Single Color systems can be on/off or 0-10V dimming.

    Tunable, RGBW and addressable systems can be programmed and controlled via DMX or Dali protocols.

    Water resistant options available.