A lightweight, multi-layered material with overlapping mirror and iridescent patterns in varying orientations, VAPOR™ explodes into life when back-lit, revealing a full spectrum of color.


3-D shapes and curves become possible when Resin is used.


Available as sheets and can be used to create 2-D shapes.

The all-glass configuration of Vapor is Class A fire rated with the durability of laminated safety glass, and the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors.



Currently available in 7 dynamic and scalable patterns. Vapor patterns have a bright and intriguing “shadowy” depth that is revealed with back-lighting. Another distinguishing feature of Vapor is its complete transformation with changes in angle of viewing and ambient conditions. This uniquely sensitive phenomenon is demonstrated in the image above where the same pieces are simply fanned out.

Patterns are customizable.

Vapor is very sensitive to and transforms dramatically with changes in ambient lighting conditions.

Material for all the light boxes in this image were layered exactly the same. The ones that appear dark red were placed in a dark environment while those that are a lively blue were in a well lit space.

Environmentally friendly and Sustainable

As well as creating innovative, dynamic spaces, light-manipulating materials will not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during their production or their lifecycle, making them safe for use in an interior environment. They are PVC- and formaldehyde-free and contain no chemicals of concern.

Third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD's), Health Product Declaration (HPD)s as well as recycled content certification is available for our materials.

Options & Custom Services

Options & Custom Services

Custom Pattern

Computational design allows for customization of patterns and their layout in the panel.


Thermoforming allows materials to be curved to precise radii.

2-D Shapes

Precise shapes and letters can be fabricated from materials.

3-D Shapes

Fabrication into 3-D shapes yields seamless transitions.


Etching is another tool for customization of the material for signage, branding and wayfinding designs.

Hardware Solutions

Concealed installation or visible decorative hardware can be packaged with the solution.

Material thickness is not affected by scaling pattern up or down.
Pattern Scale
Material Thickness

1/4” 1/2”


1/4” 1/2”

Three Quarter

1/4” 1/2”


1/4” 1/2”

  • Material Type

    Light Emitting

  • Applications

    Back-lit feature walls and screens, counter-faces, signage, light-fixtures, illuminated ceiling elements, artwork. Glass is fine outdoors, Resin is for indoor use only.

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and outdoor

  • Material Composition

    Resin or Glass

  • Maximum Panel Size


    5'x10' (Standard sizes are 4’x8′, 5'x8', 4'x10')

  • Panel Thickness



  • Color

    Overall, Vapor has a contemporary mirror appearance punctured with layered patterning. Both layers are specifiable and an interlayer is often selected to go between them.

    Resin Mirror Colors

    Glass Mirror Colors

  • Patterns

    Axis, Braid, Eddy, Flurry, Hoops, Meteor, Oculus; Variations in pattern “scale” (size of individual pattern motifs) and “density” (number of pattern motifs) are available.

  • Weight

    2 (1/4" thick) Pounds/ Sq. foot

    6 (1/2" thick) Pounds/ Sq. foot

  • Interlayers (Optional)

    Iridescent films, custom film colors, and transparent art films

  • Illumination

    Back-lit for optimal effect.

    Ambient lighting also reveals the layered pattern but not as intensely as back-lighting.

  • Back-lighting Color and Control Options

    White in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 6500k.

    RGBW, Tunable While and Addressable lighting.

    Single Color systems can be on/off or 0-10V dimming.

    Tunable, RGBW and addressable systems can be programmed and controlled via DMX or Dali protocols.

    Water resistant options available.