Rich internal faceting and interlayers, all implausibly contained within smooth laminated safety Glass, redefines Glass in design.

Light Emitting
Sensitile’s Celeste™ is a fully customizable, back-lit, light–emitting canvas which brings an illusion of infinite depth to any design - logos, text, shapes or art. Availability in an all glass configuration gives it almost universal applicability. Also available in resin.

Light Filtering
The geometric and organic internal patterns of Jali® Glass allow for the penetration and distribution of daylighting, while also maximizing the interior lights of its environment. This effect of the thin but durable material creates continuous, functional and connected spaces. Also available in resin.
Light Emitting
The revolutionary Lumina™ diffuses a single energy-efficient LED into thousands of floating points of light. This ever-changing surface can be effortlessly refreshed, enabling designers to define space using light and color. Lumina™ manufactured in glass offers a high fire rating suitable for any application. Also available in resin.
Designed with thousands of light-conducting channels, Scintilla®’s interactive surface responds magically to shadows, movement, light, and color, with no power required. Glass cladding gives Scintilla® increased durability and a high fire rating. Also available in resin.
Light Filtering
Imprints of natural phenomena etched into a crystalline substrate, SLANT® panels unleash a dynamic play of light in any space. Combining SLANT patterns with glass cladding offers a modern light-filtering material with a strength that belies its slender profile. Also available in resin.
Light Emitting
A lightweight, multi-layered material with overlapping mirror or iridescent patterns in varying orientations, VAPOR™ explodes to life when back-lit, revealing a full spectrum of color. Currently available in 7 different scalable patterns that can be specified in 20 different background colors. Also available in resin.
Material Properties ScintillaⓇ JaliⓇ SLANTⓇ Lumina™ Celeste™ Vapor™
= Available
Thickness Weight ScintillaⓇJaliⓇSLANTⓇLumina™ Celeste™ Vapor™
1/2"6 lbs/sq ft
3/4"8 lbs/sq ft
7/8"9 lbs/sq ft
1"10 lbs/sq ft
1-1/4"11.5 lbs/sq ft
1-1/2"13 lbs/sq ft
2"16 lbs/sq ft
2-1/2"19 lbs/sq ft
= Available
Glass Size Options Clear Transparent Colors Clear MirrorColor MirrorFilm Film + MirrorOpaqueAcid-etchSandblasted
4' x 8'
5' x 8'
4' x 10'
5' x 10'
= Available
IlluminationScintillaⓇJaliⓇSLANTⓇLumina™ Celeste™ Vapor™
Edge Lit
Back Lit
Face Lit/Wash
Ambient Light
= Highly Recommended     = Recommended    = Mock-Up Recommended     = Not Recommended


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