Our Process

We are an internationally-recognized, award-winning manufacturer of a wide range of architectural and design products that appear in landmark projects worldwide.

Raw Materials

Each of our numerous material lines has a unique aesthetic that dynamically integrates and interacts with different environments and its inhabitants to create unforgettable experiences. Materials we provide for each project have a unique story – they are not simply stamped from stock.


Our award-winning, patented products are manufactured exclusively in Michigan, USA, using cutting-edge technologies and green manufacturing processes that we have employed in landmark projects worldwide.

Your Partner

Our design team can help with specifications, color explorations, detailing and illumination solutions, and changing project requirements, including value engineering. We make every effort to communicate and clarify any discrepancies between specifications and requests for pricing so that our estimates are accurate. All Sensitile products carry a one (1) year warranty, both for materials and workmanship. Call us today for a quote.


Sensitile Systems is committed to environmental responsibility. Just as we are committed to excellence and innovation in the creation of our award-winning materials, we strive to find new ways to integrate environmentally-conscious practices into our production and work culture. All of our materials are manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers, meaning that there is very little excess material stored in a warehouse. What little extra we produce is used in our aggressive and targeted sample program, which ensures that all these materials find a purpose.


We are dedicated to the upkeep and betterment of our community. In addition to the many local vendors we purchase our supplies from and the vast local talent pool our team belongs to our building is a sterling example of our love for our community. When we moved to our current facility in 2008, it was a foreclosed property that was being used as storage by a bank. Located across the street from a school and next to a shopping center, it was a blemish on the burgeoning community around it. There were innumerable leaks in the ceiling and trees had begun growing in the dock area. Once we moved in, we didn’t simply fix the leaks and cut the trees; we completely overhauled the property, installing state-of-the-art equipment and implementing systems that will ensure that our operation serves as a beacon of renewability and sustainability.