Our Story

Unique and groundbreaking, Sensitile Systems is an internationally-recognized, award-winning manufacturer of a wide range of architectural and design products that appear in landmark projects worldwide.


The imagery inspired by this poem, of the dynamic interplay of light and movement creating ever changing generations of shadows, led Sensitile founder, Abhinand Lath, to create an interactive design using internal light-conducting channels that bend, scatter, and redirect ambient or LED light.
During his graduate thesis work at University of Michigan in 2002, Abhi invented an interactive, revolutionary surfacing material by simulating how a strand of bamboo filters light and creates shadows. Strong interest from designers and architects prompted Abhi to start Sensitile Systems, which continues to innovate and excite the design community with new materials, products and applications.

Boulevard Der Stars

During the early years of prototyping and material development, Abhi won the prestigious Boulevard Der Stars competition in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects.
Quoted from Zaha Hadid Architect’s press release:
“We looked at a palette of materials including transparent concrete; which we thought would be lit from below, stainless steel casting, glass beads etc. Materials that perforate the existing opacity of the floor and make it appear as though it ‘floats’.
A new development by Sensitile, incorporating terrazzo, passive and active light conducting tubes (fiberoptics), excited our imagination, as it draws interactive qualities by simple means of natural or artificial ambient light, without the need for electricity. Ruled by simple low tech principal, this new material, we found, could provide joy and play on the street, and the existing static, opaque floor, would dress by an animated surface during the day and transform to a glitzy radiant source of light at night time.”

ICFF 2004

Originally named OpTrix (“Optical tricks”), Abhi took his prototypes, hand-made in his basement and garage, to the ICFF 2004 where he displayed them in a 100 sq. ft. space. His work won an award in the exhibition of experimental design and received a complimentary exhibit space at ICFF 2005.


Being in the heart of the auto industry, the material caught the attention of booth designers for Saturn’s new “Aura Sky” introduction at the North American International Auto Show 2006. This led to a landmark project in the early years which spurred an exponential scale up of production capacity. The success of this and other projects was the impetus for continued growth.


Sensitile’s materials are as dynamic as light. Each of the product lines is designed with a unique aesthetic, integrating and interacting with its environment and inhabitants to create visually stunning and extraordinary experiences.

Local Connection

Inspiring and sustainable resin, glass, and concrete product lines are manufactured in and shipped worldwide exclusively from Michigan, USA.

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