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Asheville, NC USA

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Birmingham, AL, USA

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Buffalo Airport, NY, USA

Bursa, Turkey

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San Francisco Airport - Millbrae, CA, USA

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Winchester, VA, USA

Starwood’s circular Aloft Front Desk can be found in many of the Aloft locations.  Sensitile’s extensive experience with casting fine concrete into complex shapes has enabled us to supply many of these Aloft front desks.

This is a curved reception desk with a work counter, backsplash and transaction counter. The transaction surface is 11″ deep and has a 14″ front apron. These pieces are cast in curved ‘L’ shapes such that there are no seams between the top and front face. The standard design has been customized for several locations, like the longer than usual cast apron, and semicircular “Motor Lobby” desk found in Asheville, NC (pictured above).

All our counter and bar tops are pre-finished to the final shape and size at our manufacturing plant in Michigan so they can be easily assembled on site.


Sensitile Terrazzo™


Plain Terrazzo (Polished Concrete) with No Light Points

Color & Finish:

Black 25A


Custom Cast to Curved Shapes, Per Drawings


1-1/2″ with Cast in Front Apron 14″ Deep

Terminal Shape & Size:

No Light Terminals



Light Emission:



Front Apron
Curved Slabs