Aloft Hotels, Front Desk

          Asheville, NC USA

          For a multi-location Starwood specification, we provided the curved, tiered, custom front desk, pre-finished and as a kit-of- parts for easy installation.

          Each desk includes a work counter, a backsplash and a transaction counter. The transaction surface is 11″ deep and has a 14″ front apron. The curved ‘L’ shape of individual slabs creates a seamless transition that seamlessly waterfalls from the top and into the front face.

          The “standard” design was further customized for several locations, like the longer than usual cast apron, and semicircular “Motor Lobby” desk found in Asheville, NC (pictured above).


          • Application

            Counter Top, Furniture & Fixtures, Counter Face

          • Industry

            Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Mixed Use

          • Environment


          • Illumination


          • Material


          • Overall Color

            Black 25A (Grey)

          • Size

            Kit-of-parts for 10' diameter assembled desks

          • Family

            Sensitile Terrazzo™

          • Thickness


          • Double Sided


          • Finish


          • Installation Solution

            Seam and Grout

          • Detailing

            Polished Edges, Drop-down, Curved, 3-D Shapes