Aloft Hotels, w xyz bar Gen 2

          New York City, New York, USA

          In the second generation of the design of the w xyz bartops, Starwood's designers specified our our award-winning, interactive Scintilla® as the solid surface.

          From a distance, this beautiful surfacing seems to softly glow with a silvery inner light, and as one nears, it magically comes alive with a surprising burst of movement and color.

          The bar tops are pre-fabricated to finish size and configuration at our manufacturing plant in Michigan and shipped to each location as a ready-to-install kit-of-parts.

          “The Sensitile Scintilla material was chosen for Aloft Hotels’ w xyz bar top because of the play of light and shadows when a hand is run over the surface of the material. The scintilla pattern also reflects the color and pattern of the the “bit crush” graphic which appears on the back bar at w xyz. The two patterns complement each other as though Scintilla was custom designed for Aloft.” Starwood, Stamford, Connecticut - Lara Shortall


          • Application

            Counter Top

          • Industry

            Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Mixed Use

          • Environment


          • Illumination


          • Material


          • Overall Color

            White (Clear-Clear-White 3300)

          • Material Property


          • Family


          • Thickness


          • Double Sided


          • Pattern


          • Grain


          • Finish


          • Installation Solution

            Seam and Grout

          • Detailing

            Polished Edges, Folded edges, Drop-down, Complete solution, Sealed edges, Wrapped, 2-D Shapes