Aria Hotel and Convention Center: Stairs

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

In this Remedios Siembieda design, the Aria convention center features Terrazzo stair treads, matching risers and landing slabs to create an interactive grand staircase. Detailed with a two-tone color scheme to augment the safety stripe and half bullnose edges to highlight the flowing continuity of the material from one floor to the next.

Matching floor tiles in select areas including the elevator floors, lobbies, and as a border along the convention center carpets were used. The material also carries over to other applications in slab form, including some of the fixtures and furniture. Together, these thoughtful design details emphasize the solid dimensionality and versatility of the materials, distinguishing them from stone pieces that are usually fabricated from flat slabs.


  • Application

    Floor, Stair & Riser

  • Industry

    Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Mixed Use

  • Environment


  • Illumination


  • Material


  • Overall Color

    Warm White A with a contrasting color safety stripe

  • Size

    12" x 72" Treads and 6" x 72" Risers

  • Material Property


  • Family

    Sensitile Terrazzo™

  • Thickness


  • Double Sided


  • Light Point

    Square 1/4" x 1/4"

  • Pattern


  • Finish


  • Installation Solution

    Seam and Grout