National Museum of Health and Medicine

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Kling Stubbins used Sensitile Terrazzointeractive concrete to create a “medallion” for the National Museum of Health and Medicine. The medallion integrates the sparkling qualities of the Terrazzo material along with bronze logo elements to create a wow element embedded into the floor.

We worked with the museum and contractor to finalize the design layout and font, and we provided the shop drawings, based on the design renderings.

Upon signoff, we explored various methods to create the bronze elements, including casting and machining. Due to the size and weight of the medallion, several tests were performed to study the grinding, polishing, and finishing characteristics of the bronze-embedded Sensitile Terrazzo.

In the end, we decided to CNC-machine the architectural grade of bronze in-house, which was then precisely inserted into the form-work and cast, polished, and then finished, after which we shipped out the 550-pound medallion in a special crate.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine now has a distinctive medallion within the polished concrete floor. Thousands of interactive light points surround and complement the museum’s star field logo to create a shimmering celestial sky.


Sensitile Terrazzo™


Random with custom brass inserts

Color & Finish:

Black 20


72″ Diameter



Terminal Shape & Size:

1/4″ x 1/4″ square


Ambient and downlights


Custom brass inserts
Shipped as a ready to install insert