Pandora Illuminated Stair Risers and Treads

For an elegant design by MGE Architects (a Nelson Company), our pre-engineered illuminated Terrazzo stair riser and tread system was selected for the imposing grand staircase that greets visitors to the space.

This solution offers a magical user experience while the illumination also serves the more practical purpose of enhancing safety. Optional, integral safety strips provide visual cues about each tread, while the sparkling illumination of the risers guides the eye upwards. The color, temperature, and brightness of the LEDs can be customized to suit a variety of environments. A spectrum of lighting options, from cool white to warm white and RGBW is available. This choice of light color and dimming capabilities expand the achievable effects from subtle and mellow to sophisticated and dramatic light shows. While the color of the emitted light can be modulated effortlessly with sophisticated controls, the terrazzo substrate itself is also available in over 60 standard colors.

This low-tech, high impact illuminated stair riser and tread system is an innovative use of an innovative material that is hand-crafted using novel and cutting-edge methods that are also environmentally conscious.

Each component is carefully customized to the design intent and fine-tuned to integrate with each other and, as a whole, to the installed environment to create an unforgettable experience.


Terrazzo Lumina™



Color & Finish

Black 20 Monochrome Aggregate


Various Treads, Risers, Slabs



Terminal Shape & Size

Rectangular 0.1″ x 0.25″


Edge lit

LEDs hidden behind seams between treads and risers.

Light Emission



Polished edges

Abrasive slip resistant channel on treads

Provided as an easy to install kit-of-parts