Private Residence Lumina Feature

Designed by Muennich Associates Inc. , for a client who gave us the following feedback – “We selected the Sensitile Lumina material to be applied in a residential foyer. It has completely transformed the residence and given both an inviting and calming feeling as you enter the home. The front doors have glass and therefore, as you approach the doors, you automatically see the beauty and sophistication of the Sensitile product. We applied the product above and below a custom floating foyer cabinet. As you enter the space you are immediately overtaken with the elegance of the product. The colors and design give a sense of calm. The intention of the product was to give a “WOW” factor  while still maintaining an inviting feel. It most certainly has achieved this. We used a number of lighting effects in the home, with this being the most dramatic and interesting for the first impression as a guest enters the home.”






Color & Finish:

Clear – Clear – Clear mirror – White protect


50″ x 77″ & 50″x 9″



Grain Width:


Grain Direction:

Vertical (parallel to the long edge)


Edge-lit both short edges

Light Emission:



Cut-outs on large panel corners to accommodate cove ceiling
Seam-edges polished
Integral z-clips for installation
Multi-color programmable lighting kit
Serviceable Light-bars integrated into top and bottom trim