San Diego, California, USA

Two stunning pieces of public art are focal points for the large lobby space of the San Diego Hilton, built with two large backlit Jali panel sets.

The artworks needed to be 12′ x 14′ each and thus were manufactured in parts that seamlessly join together on site while being backlit. The individual panels were manufactured at 12′ tall each and have clear, acrylic ribs in the back for rigidity and to help align them at the seams.

We initially worked with the architects to solve the technical challenges of framing such a large and heavy artwork while allowing for servicing of the light. Our engineering team reviewed methods to increase the rigidity of the Jali panels. A system of clear acrylic support fins or ribs was devised and then tested for deflection. The methods of site bonding the large artworks was also studied and mocked up to ensure that the seams would be as invisible as possible.

Next we worked with Nori Sato, the artist who provided her artworks digitally printed on translucent films. These films were then laminated within the back cladding of the Jali panels. The panels were made slightly larger than the final size, allowing them to be carefully trimmed such that the artwork could stay registered. These artworks were carefully mocked up and verified at our Ypsilanti, Michigan facility before shipment.





Color & Finish:



each artwork is 12′ x 14′ overall – made for (4) 3.5 feet x 12′ panels seamed on site



Grain Width:


Grain Direction:



Installed in back-lit frame


Artwork integrated behind pattern
Clear structural ribs bonded to panel backs for extra rigidity