A touch of art in any space is indispensable in making it inspiring, elevating and whole. Our materials yield to the unique expression of the artistic vision with an abundance of colors, textures and patterns. The customizability of materials and their fabrication allows the artist to achieve a vision in a tangible form.

This stunning wall mounted artwork was designed by Pophouse for an automaker who wanted to represent key sensing technologies in art form. A custom printed gradient artfilm was used as an interlayer within Jali Flight panels which were then fabricated into an undulating, 3-Dimensional assembly, interspersed with clear vertical resin fins. The entire piece was pre-fabricated in multiple modules with carefully concealed seams and invisible mounting hardware.

This 6' x 8' sized Jali® panel artwork creates an impressive focal point in this health system's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. To achieve the vision of the designer, P. Chow Architect, we created the wave shapes within the panel by varying the color of the mirrored backing, the type of Zari effect (Dusk and Dawn) as well as the pattern density within the material.

As with many Sensitile® products, the true experience is impossible to capture with a still camera. The panel scatters light into thousands of dazzling colors, yet creates bands of a predominant color, all of which change as one moves through the space.

The colors in the panel were carefully coordinated to match the wayfinding elements on the floor.

In a landmark design by Portman Architects and artist, Norie Sato a breathtaking piece of public art was commissioned for the lobby of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

Stunning images of birds were introduced into Jali as an interlayer, magnifying and memorializing them. The design challenges of achieving a visually “seamless” appearance, perfect alignment at the seams, framing the overall piece, and allowing backlighting to be accessible for servicing were meticulously solved and implemented in a prototype before actual production.

The individual panels were then provided slightly oversized to allow onsite trimming for final adjustments and alignment.

In Norie’s words, “The Sensitile Jali was custom laminated with a printed film image to create a glowing, framed artwork for the lobby of the San Diego Bayfront Hilton Hotel. The unique commissioned artworks are in front of a backlit lantern wall, so the light transmission quality was important. The image "distorting" quality created a mystery and a sparkle that a simple printed image would not produce, yet the printed image was very visible. The artwork creates a focal point for the lobby as well as a unique presence within the busy hotel lobby. The artwork was made in a custom size at the factory, and then put together on site to create the large 14' x 12' size.”

For the renovation of an old school building VCBO Architecture, Utah transformed the recesses that used to be wall cafeteria tables into an eye-catching feature. The recesses were finished by tiling the walls and back- lighting was used to enhance the light filtering Jali which were used as accents. In the words of the school’s principal, “Whitesides Elementary is very pleased with the installation of Sensitiles in our cafeteria. The tiles add interest, incorporate art, and bring light into the eating area for our students, creating a positive energy to our lunch hour.”

Kling Stubbins used Sensitile Terrazzo™ interactive concrete to create a "medallion" for the National Museum of Health and Medicine. The distinctive medallion integrates the sparkling qualities of the Terrazzo material along with bronze brand elements inset to create a “wow” feature embedded in the floor of the entrance of this institution. Thousands of interactive light points surround and complement the museum's star field logo to create a shimmering celestial sky.

Materialization of this unique design involved exploration of methods to create, polish and finish the bronze elements that were precisely CNC-machined and inset into the formwork. The 550-pound medallion was cast, polished, finished and shipped in a special crate.

The Washington, DC Metro selected artist Jefre Manuel to create a defining artwork installation for its Farragut North station.

Jefre selected Jali® Cascata material with a Zari Dusk dichroic finish for its dynamic qualities to represent water in his wall-mounted artwork titled "Pulse." Installed with exterior-grade stainless steel hardware and standoffs, this artwork is mounted to the existing granite wall along the escalator.

We prefabricated the 55-foot long artwork piece and mocked it up at our facilities before shipping to the site. The designer provided CAD files that we used to CNC-cut the piece to a unique shape, and drilled each support hole per guidelines that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority provided.

Options & Custom Services

Art knows no bounds. Using our expertise and experience, we can partner to materialize the artistic vision in a tangible form.



Material can be selected both to integrate with a diverse range of co-specified finishes or stand out as a focal feature.

Color, Patterns & Finishes

Color, Patterns & Finishes

A spectrum of colors including iridescent hues, pattern variations from delicate to bold, surface finishes, from polished to frosted add depth to the artistic palette.



Edges and corners connect art to its installed context. Smooth transitions, and 3-D shapes open up new possibilities.


Installation or decorative hardware can be integrated or provided with the art for ease of installation and a distinctive aesthetic.



Frames add a finishing touch. For edge-lit works, lighting can be integrated in the frame in a design that is easy to install and service.



Concealed hardware gives the art a frame-less, minimalistic appeal.