Sophisticated Style

From floor to ceiling sliding doors to industrial-style "garage doors", our light filtering materials add visual interest and intrigue while ensuring privacy and a stunning division of space.

In this elegant design of a contemporary yoga studio, Robert A. M. Stern Architects used JaliⓇ Mille door walls to create privacy while allowing light to filter through.
The panels are recessed into the floor and extend past the floating ceiling. These, in combination with rail hung sliding doors create a gleaming seamless enclosure.

Designed by Luxottica Retail’s in-house design team, JaliⓇ Cascata panels were used as inserts in the large, operable contemporary “garage door” in the Sunglass Hut flagship store in Soho. This door divides the interior space to define a private and exclusive room within the store.

Illuminated Doors and custom detailing

An other worldly aesthetic, with thousands of floating points of light can be achieved in doors and sidelights with our proprietary materials. Stunning entrances, interior doors and cabinet doors can be designed with cleverly integrated, discreet lighting components. Custom detailing, including door pulls opens up a variety of possibilities.

In a design by Gensler, Jali Cambia was used for common room doors of all seven floors of NASCAR’s Florida office space. The doors were manufactured with a custom pull in the shape of an oval to emulate NASCAR’s famed racetracks. The delicate internal texture of the Jali pattern creates a dynamic surface that creates privacy while still allowing the ample daylight to percolate into the interiors of the building.

The Chapel of Light at the Princeton Medical Center is the centerpiece of a large remodel and expansion effort in this RMJM Hillier Architects design.

Designed around the concept of divine light, the entryway to this chapel is created with Lumina™ panels. The fixed window panels of Lumina are edge illuminated with neutral white LED lights, whereas the doors also are Lumina with ambient illumination only.

Handles, Shelves and Color Coordination

Doors can be designed as the standalone focal point feature or allowed to blend elegantly with the color palette of the space. Our range of materials, colors and fabrication capabilities enable the realization of either approach.

In the stunning design of this luxury day spa Jali® Cascata was used as a wall with seamlessly integrated display shelves made from the same material. A sliding door panel was provided with pre-installed brushed stainless steel handle and hardware as a complete kit of parts.

Designed by Environ Interior Design, this residence features Jali Cascata and Flight panels in a stunning shade of shimmering blue. The Cascata panels are mirror backed and used against the wall while the thinner and translucent Flight panels went into wood framed pivot doors.

A play with patterns, colors and finishes

Each pattern is distinctive. Pattern variations open up a range of possible aesthetic, from delicate to bold. Add to this a spectrum of color and finish options, and there is a perfect match for any design.

In a stunning design by Bridgewater Consulting Group, Jali Mezzaluna panels were used to create sliding doors in a home in Utah. The clear resin panels offer a lightweight option and are easily installed within door frames. The self-luminous Mezzaluna pattern reflects and refracts available light from the opposing windows as well as ambient room light. The panels function as space dividers that allow light to filter through, extending it deep into the interiors for well-lit, lively spaces.

The resplendent play of pattern and color makes for an exuberant interior door while the classic wood frame gives it a substantial and weighty look.

Cabinet Doors

With or without a frame, the warmth of wood or the up-to-date styling of metal, options for cabinet doors are boundless.

Lightweight Terrazzo Doors

Our PIXA screens have a subtle but show-stopping personality. They offer endless possibilities for self-expression with stunning patterns, pattern scales and colors.

Options & Custom Services

Material Choices

Material Choices

A vast selection of Light-filtering, Interactive and Light-emitting Resin, Glass and Terrazzo materials can be used to configure doors.



Colors are integral to Terrazzo and imparted by the “layers” that comprise Resin and Glass materials. Finishes alter the expression of colors and add another specifiable option.



Terrazzo can be cast in precise curves and resin can be thermoformed.



Door solutions can be configured with hardware that allows for the desired operability and aesthetic.



The range of available materials profiles and their customizability allows them to “fit” in commonly available door frames and hardware.



Cleverly integrated edge or back lighting can be provided in the kit-of-parts door solution.