Ceiling Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures


Using shapes to give architectural lighting a rhythm, Lunar was introduced as an organic expression of design. The subtle, naturally pleasing aesthetic of curved forms and their synchronous pairing lend the perfect harmony to the experience of space. Lunar gives the designer freedom to design in free-form and to cover as little or as much of the ceiling or wall to which it is applied with as few or as many fixtures as desired.


Stone FIN comprises light emitting stone slices punctured with delicately carved patterns of lit windows. Available in a multitude of colors and in patterns that include structured grid, deliberate gradient and organic random or wave, Stone FIN can be used for accent lighting or as the primary source of illumination in a space.


Inspired by sprawling, topographic formations Topolite has a whimsical feel. Minimalistic in design, its planar surface is adorned with discrete light emitting points which can change color effortlessly if needed.


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Lumens: 450 Lumens/foot (all colors combined)
Input Voltage: 120 to 277 VAC with provided driver
Power consumption: 6.5 Watts/foot
Efficiency: greater than 80 lumens/foot

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White LED

Lumens: 750 Lumens / foot
Input Voltage: 120 to 277 VAC with provided driver
Power consumption: 7.5 Watts/foot
Efficiency: greater than 100 lumens/foot

0-10V dimmable driver standard


2000K - 3300K : Warm white.
Cozy, relaxing light. Best suited for living, dining, and bedrooms.
3400K - 4500K : Cool white.
Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces, and outdoors
4600K - 6500K : Daylight white.
Bluish light well suited for reading & accent lighting.