Counter & Floor Light Fixtures



Light exuding from a unique range of patented diffusers create a stunning range of Cubes. Used as pendants or desk lamps, these add character to a space. Specifiable using available options and also offered as a ready to buy fixture.



Complete with Pendant hardware or a ready to plug solution, the simple addition of Cubes™ in singles or multiples can transform where people live, work and play.



Scaling the size up or down adds options for the context of design and space.

LED Color

LED Color

Color temperature of white light (cool or warm) can impact the ambiance of the space.

Diffuser Patterns

Diffuser Patterns

Structured grid of PIXALite, flowing, organic patterns of Jali and SLANT and the infinity effect of Celeste -the array of specifiable options allows unfettered design liberty.



Diffuser colors and surface finishes can be specified to match or contrast with the surrounding finishes integrating this illuminated element impeccably with the design intent or decor of a space.

Infinity Effect
Fabric Interlayer
Frosted Finish
Contemporary Reflective Finish
Pattern visible when unlit



Lumens: 450 Lumens/foot (all colors combined)
Input Voltage: 120 to 277 VAC with provided driver
Power consumption: 6.5 Watts/foot
Efficiency: greater than 80 lumens/foot

Various control options are available - contact us for more information

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White LED

Lumens: 750 Lumens / foot
Input Voltage: 120 to 277 VAC with provided driver
Power consumption: 7.5 Watts/foot
Efficiency: greater than 100 lumens/foot

0-10V dimmable driver standard


2000K - 3300K : Warm white.
Cozy, relaxing light. Best suited for living, dining, and bedrooms.
3400K - 4500K : Cool white.
Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces, and outdoors
4600K - 6500K : Daylight white.
Bluish light well suited for reading & accent lighting.

  • Material Composition

    Resin or Terrazzo with LED Components

  • Material Patterns

    SLANT: All patterns
    Celeste: All patterns
    PIXA: Grid
    Jali: Flight and Swarm

  • Sizes

    5″, 10″ and 15″ Cubed

  • Colors and Finishes

    Clear, Frosted, Clear Mirror

  • LED Color

    White: Cool and Warm

  • Mounting Options

    Suspended Ceiling, Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted (Vertical)

  • Power Connections

    Wall Outlet, Direct Wire