Light-conducting channels in PIXA create a unique, light-filtering screen. Also available as dimensional slabs and panels which are punctuated with light pillars that pierce the terrazzo substrate. A secondary, “floating” surface comes to life with dynamic visual output created by light, shadow, movement, and colors.



Our customizable materials are a fresh take on signage, wayfinding and brand element designs where cohesiveness, user experience and a unique visual identity must converge.



The dual effect of the material – privacy and selective light filtering gives the designer a novel tool to achieve and maximize the design goals of functionality, adaptability and efficiency for any space.


PIXA is available in a generous palette of standard colors. Light can also be used as a coloring agent, with active control enabled using RGB or RGBW light sources. This versatile and customizable material can be specified to blend in with surrounding finishes, or to be its own conspicuous feature.

Since PIXA conducts light, the material absorbs and reacts to the environment and its inhabitants; colors and textures in the space tend to get picked up within the transparent elements of PIXA. This inter-mingling provides a cohesive and dynamic element within the interior space.


Various terminal shapes and sizes in Grid, Staggered Grid and Random orientations are standard pattern offerings. Complexity may be dialed up with closer and tighter placement of terminals for close-up and small-scale applications, while the edgy and distinct look of larger, more widely spaced light-emitting windows complement large-scale installations.

Patterns can be used and customized for distinctive brand elements, or in response to the intended “programming of the space” (i.e. Degree of screening; light transmission; acoustic performance).


Integral light filtering channels appear as windows on the surface, creating a stunning pixilation of light. In the dimensional variety these are replaced by light-pillars that yield a “floating” secondary surface. The transmission of visual input can be varied by size, shape and pattern.

Surface Finish

Surface finishes, from sandblasted to honed to polished, add the final touch to the material aesthetic.

Dimensional Slabs are available in a natural and unpolished or raw and sandblasted finishes.


The choice of sealer is determined by how the surface will be used. Food safe sealers are used for kitchens, restaurants and bars.

Complete Design Solutions

PIXA is also offered as a complete packaged solution, with material, hardware and lighting provided as a kit-of-parts for a multitude of applications.

PIXA needs no sensors or electronics; but add backlighting and it transforms into an illuminated screen. Lighting effects range from simple lighting and signage to complex light shows via programmable LEDs.

Regrind to new materials

PIXA is carefully handcrafted and precision manufactured in small batches in Michigan, USA, using high-quality materials responsibly sourced from an established US-based supply chain. PIXA’s optical channels are almost entirely made of regrind that is a byproduct of the manufacture of our other materials.

As well as creating innovative, dynamic spaces, light-manipulating materials will not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during their production or their lifecycle, making them safe for use in an interior environment. They are PVC- and formaldehyde-free and contain no chemicals of concern.

Third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD's), Health Product Declaration (HPD)s as well as recycled content certification is available for our materials.

Options & Custom Services

Options & Custom Services

PIXA as a video screen

PIXA as a video screen

Changes in the projected content can be used to achieve a diverse array of effects with the flick of a switch.



A simple solution for high-impact design with infinite options.

Dimensional Wave

Dimensional Wave

Light pillars of dimensional slabs form a secondary floating surface that captures the essence of water by abstraction. The heights of these pillars can be varied for a wave-like surface.

Custom Colors

Reference swatches can be matched to create unique tones.

Surface Finish

Polished, Honed and Sandblasted


The material can be cast into complex curves.

2-D Shapes

Design possibilities are expanded exponentially due to the ability to form into shapes.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting effects range from simple lighting and signage to complex light shows via programmable LEDs.

Hardware Solutions

Sleek in design and engineered to have lightweight options, PIXA is able to be installed using a variety of commonly available hardware options.


Engraving on the surface makes the material a perfect solution for brand and signage design.


Varying the height and placement of light pillars opens up a number of design options.

Terminal Size
Available Material Thicknesses

5/8”, 7/8” and 1-1/4”


5/8”, 7/8” and 1-1/4”


5/8”, 7/8” and 1-1/4”


5/8”, 7/8” and 1-1/4”

  • Material Type

    Light Filtering

  • Applications

    Screening, feature walls, signage, horizontal and vertical surfacing

  • Industry

    Commercial and residential

  • Environment

    Indoor and limited outdoor

  • Illumination

    Back lighting (optional)

  • Material Composition

    Terrazzo with Micro-Concrete and Resin

  • Standard Size

    upto 4’ x 8′

  • Material Thickness

    5/8", 7/8" and 1-1/4"

  • Patterns

    Diamond, Grid, Lattice, Oblique, Pinwheel, Sequence, Staggered Grid

  • Terminal Types & Sizes

    Square: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

    Rectangular: 1/8"×1/4", 3/16"×3/8", 1/4"×1/2"

  • Color

    A generous palette with over 60 standard fiber colors, available with and without aggregate.

    Custom color matching available.

  • Finishes

    Natural and Sandblasted

  • Back-lighting color and control options

    While PIXA does not require paired lighting, the following options are available in back-lighting for special applications.

    White in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 6500k.

    RGBW, Tunable While and Addressable lighting.

    Single Color systems can be on/off or 0-10V dimming.

    Tunable, RGBW and addressable systems can be programmed and controlled via DMX or Dali protocols.

    Video projection and display systems are also available.