PIXA Patterns

Integral light filtering channels appear as windows on the surface, creating a stunning pixilation of light. In the dimensional variety these are replaced by light-pillars that yield a “floating” secondary surface. The transmission of visual input can be varied by size, shape and pattern of these light filtering elements.

A delicate to imposing pattern aesthetic can be achieved by modulating the size of optical windows, from the smallest (Fine) to the largest (Grand).

The Grand pattern variant is only able to be demonstrated visually in a larger than sample size of slab. Larger size of light points are proportionately spaced as well. The gallery below therefore omits Grand.

The pattern complexity may be dialed up with closer and tighter placement of light emitting windows for close-up and small-scale applications, while the edgy and distinct look of larger, more widely spaced light-emitting windows complement large-scale installations