A lightweight, versatile medium with a flexible range of colors, finishes, and patterns that yield compelling effects for any design.

Light Emitting
A slender, customizable, back-lit canvas that emits light, Celeste gives infinite depth and dimension to any design. Also available in glass.
Light Emitting
Creating a startling perception of depth with its contemporary clear mirrored surface, sleek, elegant, and lightweight Infinity springs to life with LED edge-lighting. Infinity offers a thin, lightweight, easy-to-install product compared to traditional infinity mirror options and can be used as feature walls, signs, dividers, and vertical and horizontal surfacing.
Light Filtering
Jali®’s intricate, crystal-like patterns filter light and color for elegant definitions of space, levels of privacy, and daylighting. Resin cladding allows for a dazzling array of colors as well as a lightweight and flexible construction that can be modified and curved to suit a myriad of designs. Also available in glass.
Light Emitting
Lumina™ is a revolutionary material that transforms a single energy-efficient LED source into a dreamlike surface of floating points of light. Its internal structure carries the LED point source effortlessly across space, allowing designers to build with light itself. Flexible resin cladding allows it to be easily curved and cut into shapes and cutouts, while remaining lightweight and sturdy, with a dazzling array of colors and LED temperatures. Also available in glass.
Ripple™ & Motif™ are versatile and uniquely responsive to both user and environment, connecting the two with an unforgettable experience
Scintilla®’s thousands of internal, light-conducting channels are activated by shadow, movement, light, and color, creating a magically interactive surface - no power required. Scintilla® resin allows for minimal panel thickness and flexible shapes and curves. Also available in glass.
Light Filtering
Imprints of natural phenomena etched into a crystalline substrate, SLANT® panels unleash a dynamic play of light in any space. Resin cladding enables them to be ultra-thin and lightweight. Also available in glass.
Light Emitting
Spark™ is a sleek, light-emitting panel material that offers a subtle presence and a dramatic effect upon being lit. Thin, lightweight and customizable, Spark uses LED sources on its edge to extend light across its entire surface. Ideal for dynamic areas with programmable lighting, Spark is designed to fit into tight spaces.
Light Emitting
A lightweight, multi-layered material with overlapping mirror and iridescent patterns in varying orientations, VAPOR™ explodes into life when back-lit, revealing a full spectrum of color. Currently available in 7 different scalable patterns that can be specified in 20 different background colors. Also available in glass.
Material Properties Scintilla®Ripple™Jali®SLANT®Lumina™ Spark™ Infinity CelesteVAPOR™
= Available
Panel Thickness Weight/sqftScintilla®Ripple™Jali®SLANT®Lumina™SparkInfinityCelesteVAPOR™
1/4"2 lbs
5/16"2 lbs
3/8"2.5 lbs
1/2"3 lbs
5/8"4 lbs
3/4" 5 lbs
7/8"5.75 lbs
1"6.5 lbs
1-1/4" 8 lbs
1-3/8"9 lbs
1-1/2" 9.5 lbs
1-3/4"11 lbs
2"13 lbs
2-1/4"13.75 lbs
= Available
Illumination Scintilla®Ripple™Jali®SLANT®Lumina™ Spark™ InfinityCelesteVAPOR™
Edge Lit
Back Lit
Face Lit/Wash
Ambient Light
= Highly Recommended = Recommended = Mock-Up Recommended = Not Recommended
Sizes/ColorsClearTransparent Colors Clear Mirror Color Mirror FilmFilm + MirrorOpaqueFrosted
4' x 8'**
5' x 8'
4' x 10'*
5' x 10' ***
*** Tolerance of (-)1/2"/(+)1/16"* Clear mirror only** Tolerance of (-)3/8"(+)1/16"
= Available     = Not Commonly Available; Minimum Quantities and Lead Times Apply
Minimum RadiusScintilla®Ripple™Jali®SLANT®Lumina™ Spark™ InfinityCelesteVAPOR™
= Available     = Not Available
Edge/CornerScintilla®Ripple™Jali®SLANT®Lumina™ Spark™ InfinityCelesteVAPOR™
= Recommended     = Mock-Up Recommended     = Not Recommended


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